Everything But the Girl – Back to Mine

Everything But the Girl – Back to Mine

Everything But the Girl, Back to Mine album coverBack when this compilation came out, I loaned it to a girl I once had a crush on. The crush had been mutual, but nothing had come of it because I lived in Santa Barbara and she was in San Francisco, and also he best friend had long carried a torch for me, which would have been a problem. I eventually DJ’d her wedding, which is pretty much how things go for me.

Anyway, she, an avid fan of Everything But the Girl, returned the disc to me and said, “It was terrible. There’s not a single EBTG song on there. It’s all other people’s stuff.” I tried to explain then what I should have explained when I’d loaned her the disc, “It’s not meant to be an artist album; It’s a compilation of all the things that make them happy. It’s a collection of music that makes Tracey Thorne and Ben Watt happy. And not only that, it’s a perfectly sequenced mix of music from beginning to end, with every track contributing to a lovely, dynamic flow. It’s the mix tape by which I, to this day, judge all my own mix tapes.”

But she didn’t get it. I venture to guess that she might today, but we don’t talk anymore. The politics of relationships can be tricky. But I still push this on anyone who’ll listen.

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