Echobelly – Gravity Pulls

Echobelly – Gravity Pulls

Echobelly - Gravity Pulls

Just a month before I started working at Amoeba, this album came out. I can’t remember if I bought it or what, but ever since On, I called myself an Echobelly fan. Sonya Aurora Madan has an extraordinary voice. I wish I had her voice. Well, kind of. It would be weird when I yelled. Echobelly used to be known for their open admiration for Morrissey and the Smiths. You can hear it in some of those early songs. In fact, Ned Raggett at Allmusic wrote this about their first album.

The album is Everyone’s Got One or EGO for short, thus the pun and point of the title. Given that Echobelly’s work clearly echoes one of the great English self-obsessives, Morrissey, it’s an appropriate enough tag for the quintet’s full debut.

Ha-ha, that’s funny. I didn’t catch that EGO thing.

Anyway, back to me. I used to play the album at Rocket Video during my shift. Rocket was an interesting place. Filthy most of the time, poorly-lit, owned by a pair of certifiable Icelandic businessmen and run by a true, dyed-in-the-wool film fanatic whose knowledge about all things celluloid (especially the older dramas and comedies) makes mine look like positively feeble. If Jeff’s movie knowledge is a watermelon, mine would be a raisin seed. But it was a fun place to work, simply because of the never-ending stream of Hollywood clientele we boasted. I even got to talk to Miguel Sandoval, a younger version of whom I had envisioned as the lead in the delicate skin, which I had optioned at the time. I was especially keen on meeting him because, like me, he was a graduate of Santa Fe Prep. Only he graduated the year I was born.

Anyway, oh, yeah, the music. It’s a shame that Echobelly never quite caught on here. After their second album, each one fared less well than the last in the world of people plunking down money for CDs. I loved everything they put out, right to the end. One Rocket customer named Bo heard the CD one night when he stopped in. A few weeks later, he thanked me for turning him on to Echobelly. And, as they say, a friendship was born. We’re not friends so much anymore, but I attribute what fleeting camaraderie we shared to this band. Music can bring people together, you know.


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