Carla Morrison – Amor Supremo

Carla Morrison – Amor Supremo

I can’t stop listening to this album. It came out two years ago, but I only heard “Un Beso” last week (thanks to the always-excellent Raul Campos at KCRW.) By coincidence, she’s playing this week in LA. Twice. And I feel like the universe got me in touch with Morrison’s gorgeous, brittle voice and her superb lyrics just to let me know both shows are sold out.

I have no idea exactly how I know her lyrics are superb. But I know Spanish well enough to pick apart what she’s saying, especially if I have the lyrics right in front of me, and it’s no thanks to the seemingly ham-handed translations I can find on the web. But there’s something about the way her words flow that I appreciate. The word miel (honey) pops up a lot. And azĂșcar (sugar,) which kind of makes me think she’s hanging out in a candy factory. To someone like me, who’s been off sugar for a couple years, it’s something worth singing about.

Check out this strange, visually superb video for “Un Beso,” which is the tune that Campos played.

And this one, for AzĂșcar Moreno, which is even more representative of the silken depths of her talent.

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