I’ve blogged before. I’ve written a lot about music before. And for a while there, I was trying to do both at the same time. But I made the mistake of trying to mimic the cold, florid analytical approach of some of the music sites out there (and there are hundreds.) But music is so important to me. It’s like a religion. I turn to it for answers when I’m feeling low, it informs my daily life, and it makes me shiver when it’s done right. And I am a writer. Suppose I just make it more personal? I have a playlist that I call Live.Love.Listen. It’s about 300 or so songs in length, and each of the songs therein is important to me in some way. Either I danced to it at Mel’s bar with the girl who was to become my girlfriend, or I was listening to it on a cold night in the snow in Yosemite, or it formed the perfect backdrop for a strange day in Toronto. Music is personal. So I thought I’d just share a few of these personal stories and, although music is subjective, and everyone’s story around a song will be different, these are my stories. They’ll be short. They’ll be funny. And there will be music.